cat in the net

Detective fiction that will catch you!  video introducing

Working on a net to catch someone for so long did not pay them off! They caught themselves to a social network where nothing is as it seems, where you never can be sure whether you are really talking to the person you are talking to. And it all began with just a cat, but of course it was not just A cat.

Tonda, Klárka, Linda – a friends in need trio, bond together by shared passion for Siberian show cats, is to witness a crime. And since the police are incapable of finding a lead they decide to take justice into their own hands!

To their private investigation they do not forget to include their pets, a cat Brusinka, Steve the tomcat, Dachshund Tony, and quite a weird cat Ornela, who in the end turns out as someone completely different.

You will finish the Cat in the Net detective fiction in one breath, it really is that thrilling and amusing!